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Book description

1) Data about the book

Author: Jerzy Kosinski
Title: Being There, Published by Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, Inc., Printed in the USA, 1970, 140 pp.
Genre: Novell

2) Summary

Sunday. Chance is working in the garden from the Old Man. He is watering the plants, after that he goes to his room to watch TV Then he hears the maid scream. Chance doesn't like her, he only liked black Louise who was for this maid. He goes to the room from the Old Man and sees that he is dead. Chance isn't very upset of his death, the only thing he says is 'goodbye'. Then he goes to his room to watch TV
Monday. Mr Franklin and his assistant Mrs Hayes arrive at the house. Mr Franklin is one of the lawyers handling the Old Man's estate. They are very surprised to find Chance living in the house, because his name is never mentioned in any papers. When they ask him how long he lived there, he can't answer them. He knows that he was there before there was television. He tells Mr Franklin that he didn't get any money for his work in the garden, but that he was given a place to live, food, a TV set and the clothes he wanted. Mr Franklin tells Chance that he house will be closed the next day. Chance has to leave the house.
Tuesday. Chance leaves the house. He is surprised that every- thing outside is like he has seen on TV When he crosses the street he is knocked down by a car. The lady in the car sees that Chance hurt his leg and invites him at her house to see the doctor, who is at her house. The doctor is looking after her husband who is almost dead. In the car, the lady says her name is Elizabeth Eve, EE for friends. Chance introduces himself as 'Chance the Gardiner', but EE misunderstands him and calls him Chauncey Gardiner. At EE's home she tells him that she wants to stay him there until he is healed again. Then she introduces him to her husband. Mr and Mrs Rand like Chance because he is handsome, well-dressed, a bit mysterious and he listens very good. When...

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