Change Agent

Change Agent

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A Marriage Made In Hellven

Curtis Roberts, CPIM
APICS Instructor
Varied Experience in Operations
Business Systems Consultant
Generally tolerated most of the time

Curtis Roberts, CPIM

What I hear
ERP is old thinking. We’re going lean!
MRP and JIT can’t work together
We don’t need ERP. We use Kanbans.
The president just told me I have a week
to implement lean manufacturing. What
do I do?

Why do we bother, when it hurts so
History and definition of Lean
History and definition of ERP
ERP and Lean
Lean Tools and ERP
Discussion, wrap-up, and perhaps a
good old-fashioned lynching!


Why do we do it?
Why implement ERP?

The best advice I have…
Don’t treat a management method as
though were a religion!

Why implement Lean?
Why are we in business?

History of Lean
Henry Ford
The Machine That Changed the World

Skepticism and common sense will carry
you through

Define Lean
“Lean” is an attitude, a company-wide,
relentless pursuit to identify and
eliminate non-value-added activities
throughout the supply chain. It depends
very much on the idea of “Value” – that
is, something for which a customer will
happily pay.

The Lean brand


5 Principles of Lean (From “Lean Thinking”)
Specify the value desired by the customer
Identify the value stream for each product
providing that value and challenge all of the
wasted steps (generally nine out of ten)
currently necessary to provide it
Make the product flow continuously through
the remaining, value-added steps

Value Stream Activities
Value-added activies
Non-value-added activities
Non-value-added but necessary

5 Principles continued
Introduce pull between all steps where
continuous flow is possible
Manage toward perfection so that the
number of steps and the amount of time
and information needed to serve the
customer continually falls

Lean Tools
a collection of techniques...

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