Change Educational System

Change Educational System

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Education is a very important part of growing. During the last years, the Quebec educational system has changed a lot. The content of many courses has been modified and some courses have disappeared. We must keep history as a vital part of our school curriculum.

History is important because we learn from our mistakes and the mistakes of others. War provides a concrete example of what can be learned from history. Knowing the errors of precedents generals makes a new general better. In the 19th century, every new general would be told about the battle of Waterloo. Every general would then know the numerous errors of the army of Napoleon and learn the importance of communication and coordination. By learning what had happened at Waterloo, every new general was slightly more competent because he wouldn’t do the same errors. We can see it’s the same phenomena that happen in politics. Politicians have to be very careful when they talk about many topics because they’ve seen many of their predecessor’s burn themselves. Many politicians had no other choice than to resign after giving their opinion about theses dangerous topics.

History gives us hope for the future and the strength to work for our goals. During history classes, we are told of many great acts that have been done by others. Knowing everything that had been done before make us hope that we can do such great things and gives us the motivation to work for great things. For example, we are often told of all the social ameliorations Quebecers have done during the Quiet Revolution. Knowing everything that has been done by a generation of Quebecers let us believe we can also do such great things. Also, knowing the stories of many heroes or successful businessman like Martin Luther King, Ghandi, Bill Gate or Jean Coutu make us dream. Dreaming of everything that has been done gives us the motivation and the will to fulfill our objectives.

In fact, taking everything in consideration everything makes us...

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