Change Order

Change Order

Change Order

MGT 331

August 20, 1998

“Change Order”

Organizational behavior is a vague topic encompassing very specific subjects, specifically communication. Without acceptable communication between individuals, the building blocks to support this concept become weak and virtually impossible to work with.

Our small business has evolved from a “Ma-n-Pa” operation to a viable business with potential resale value to an interested party. Small businesses are renowned for creating “personel-oreinted” systems, a foundation that only the owner/operator can juggle and balance. Tremendous stress motivated my father to chart a new course and create a healthier environment for both him and the business. “…Stress is experienced whenever a person is confronted with a demand or challenge that threatens his or her ability to attain valued outcomes. Stressful events--events that place demands upon people…” (1997)

Under duress and “stressors”, he became extremely motivated to improve the organization by doing the following:

1. Systematizing daily functions in the business to enable a competent individual to run the daily operations.
2. Digitizing and organizing data files accessible on a network.
3. Creating a marketing plan to “brand” our identity with our potential and past clients.
4. Establishing a wealth generating entity for his retirement and to pass on to his family (me).

Change is difficult to embrace. Change is even more difficult to accept in an organization consisting of family members. To complicate the task further, the “spirit child” created years prior to our business relationship wasn’t healthy. Immediately after high school I left for college, lived in Europe, was married, and worked for several years in the former abroad. I was excited to leave home and never looked back. The spirit child in hibernation was now awake! To accomplish his goals, he needed new energy and a future to maintain the business when he retired....

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