Changed Your Life Narrative Essay

Changed Your Life Narrative Essay

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Topic [5] Narrative Essay Sample

I consider myself a good beautician. I have a loyal following and make a good living. Most of the time, my days are fairly routine in the shop. However, I, like every beautician have the inner fear of ruining someone's hair. This feeling became a reality when my patron's hair turned blue. It started out as a typical Friday evening in Baker's Beauty Boutique. I was setting up my station (working booth) with all the necessary equipment. Glancing at Jo, a regular customer, as she came into the shop, I noticed she had a bottle of color (white) shampoo in her hand. As she sat down at my station, she asked if I would mind using her shampoo. I obligingly agreed. After wetting her hair, I poured some of the shampoo into my hand and onto Jo's hair. Suddenly, I noticed my hand had turned blue and so had Jo's hair. Frantically, I worked to get the blue out of her hair. After the third shampoo, I said as calmly as I could, "Jo, your hair is blue." Of course she thought I was joking, until I handed her a mirror. I can still hear her scream, "Good god, it is blue!" Faced with the problem of getting the blue out of Jo's hair, I began experimenting with different types of shampoos. I began to panic when I shampooed her hair for the sixth time and the blue still hadn't begun to fade. Finally, I decided to use a Born Blonde toner. Sometimes a toner has enough strength to strip the hair two shades lighter. I applied the toner and left it on Jo's hair for forty minutes, which is fifteen minutes longer than normal. As I washed

the toner out, I could see that the blue had lifted and there was just a faint blue tinge that remained. Generally, a white weekly rinse will turn the hair a blue shade before it dries. I prayed this would happen now. Jo's hair had absorbed so much water it took two hours to dry. When I took the rollers out of her hair, I was shocked and pleased because her hair was the prettiest shade of white I'd ever seen. I sure was...

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