Changes in the Consumer Behaviour in the Cosmetic Market

Changes in the Consumer Behaviour in the Cosmetic Market

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Customer Report on the Changes in Consumer Behaviour in the Cosmetics Market

By Customer Analyst 4103430

Pilot report analysing changes in consumer behaviour within the cosmetics industry. Focuses specifically on the market sector ‘colour cosmetics’. Shall include a overview of the cosmetics industry as a whole, following up with factors that influence consumer behaviour within colour cosmetics. Concluding is a conclusion of the future of colour cosmetics.

Changes in the consumer behaviour in the cosmetic market

1. Background

Women use cosmetics in everyday life for many different reasons. As well as trying to enhance their natural beauty to attract the opposite sex, they may also immerse themselves in the cosmetics industry to postpone the aging process or to look like their role models.

The cosmetics industry is made up of many areas, including colour cosmetics, hair care, skin care, oral health and cosmetic surgery. The total value of the UK Cosmetics and Toiletries market in 2007 was estimated at £8.16bn, up 5.3% on 2006’s £7.58bn, in company with an 8.4% rise in colour cosmetics (Cosmetics Business, 2008).

There are many cosmetics retailers that support this huge industry that accommodate all age groups:

Mintel, 2007:

Figure 1: Market positioning of major retailers selling toiletries by age and affluence, November 2007

This graph shows where the consumers are purchasing their cosmetics from, and that Boots and Tesco hold a huge percentage of the current market.

In the current society with a yearn for convenience, cosmetics have become ever more readily available, with the opportunities of online purchasing;

Mintel, 2008

Year to March | 2004 | 2005 | 2006 | 2007 |
| | | | |
| | | | |
| | | | |
Sales (£m excl. VAT) | 15.0 | 19.5 | 24.4 | 29.0 |
% change | n/a | +30 | +25 | +19 |

Figure 2: Alliance Boots: UK online retail sales,...

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