Hope of the world.

In these times, on the planet there are many problems. Many of those problems are affecting or caused by humanity very seriously all around the world. Two of the most serious problems that this planet and it habitants are facing are pollution and illegal drug trafficking. Mankind needs to do something about it to ensure that the planet continues with a course towards a better future for all the generations to come. Two positive changes that I would love to see in a hundred years is that mankind stop polluting the world and that illegal drugs are eradicated completely.
A positive change that I liked to see in a hundred years is that mankind stop

polluting the world. Global warming is a very real effect of pollution and it is the

preeminent danger to human civilization today. The rising global temperature threatens to

create catastrophic weather. In 2005 an enormously strong hurricane named Katrina

struck the city of New Orleans killing thousands of people and leaving millions homeless.

Another problem caused by pollution is the extinction of many species of animals. In

recent years, the rate of extinction has been accelerated because of the activities carried

out by man. One of the newest is the extinction of the Chinese river dolphin that

happened in 2006.

Another positive change that I would like to see in a hundred years is the

disappearance of illegal drugs. Illegal drugs has been among humans for many years

already, and it is the cause of many problems. People can be addicted to drugs making

their lives go in a bad direction, like one of my friends in high school. When we started

high school he was one of the best students until he got into drugs, he end up dropping

out of high school without graduating. Illegal drugs are also connected to crime. The

connection is apparent, though it is difficult to explain it plainly. The fact is that drug -

and expensive pleasure -...

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