Changing the Way We Perceive the World

Changing the Way We Perceive the World

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The importance of education will enable the individual to put his potentials to optimal use which is self-evident. Without education, the training of the human minds is incomplete. I intensely agree to the point that by studying any specific academic discipline we modify the way we perceive the world. As intellectual beginners we have a tendency to to differentiate what we see, as either right or wrong, or as good or bad. We also tend to deduce what we see by way of our feelings. Once educated, we gain the ability to understand a wider range of opinion and perspective, and to see our own principles.

By the deep pursuit of knowledge-particularly in history and literature we
Come to know the flaws and weaknesses of other humans whose lives we study
And read about. History teaches us, for example, that crowd pleaser whom people places on podiums often fall under the weight of their own prejudices, jealousies, and other character flaws. By education we begin to see defects not only in people but also in ethics that we had previously embraced on pure faith. A philosophy student learns to recognize logical errors of popular ideas and the bombast of our political parties, religious organizations, and social extremists. A law student learns that our system of laws is not a uniform set of truths but somewhat an ever-changing picture of the
customs, values, and attitudes.

Education can make us see our culture in different way .As beginners we participate unknowingly in our culture's own customs, rituals, and ceremonies-because we see them as somehow holy. A student of sociology or cultural anthropology comes to see those same customs, rituals, and ceremonies as outfits which help our emotional need to fit in to a distinct social group, and to strengthen that sense of belonging by worshiping the group's traditions. Although learning helps us see the flawed nature of our formerly valued ideas,...

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