Channel and Pricing Strategies

Channel and Pricing Strategies

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Communications Plan: Innovation Wireless

Communications Plan: Innovation Wireless
A communication plan is a detailed program used to exchange messages and information with the stakeholders or groups identified in the communication strategy. When a company is launching a new product it is important for them to clearly address where they stand at the current moment, what their goals are, and what types of marketing vehicles such as advertising and public relations they plan on using to reach those goals. The communication plan is the most important part of the product launch because it helps decide what key elements will work best for a company’s budget and target audience (Kotler & Keller, 2007, p. 23).
Innovation Wireless (IW) is a cell phone company based out of the United States that is looking to use China as a second country for international marketing. The company is launching a new cell phone and as a result they are under great pressure to make some critical decisions to remain a successful company. This paper will evaluate factors involved in developing and managing an effective marketing communications plan for the new product. Also, the paper will evaluate advertising and promotion programs for the new product and the technology trends available to help IW market the cell phone. Last, the paper will compare and contrast the marketing communication strategies for both your domestic and international markets, and explain the differences.
Evaluate Factors in Marketing
Innovation Wireless can inform, persuade, and remind their customers about their new Zphone if they develop an effective marketing plan. The first step for the company is to identify their target audience. They need to decide who is going to be potential buyers of their new phone, current users, deciders, or influencers. The next step is to determine the communication objectives. The four possible objectives are category need,...

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