Channel of Blessings

Channel of Blessings

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By: Estella Shayne Quinto

For decades, disability in our country has not been given full attention. When people would hear about the word “disabled” they would limit their understanding pertaining only to physical instability. As defined by the World Health Organization, “disability is a complex phenomenon, reflecting an interaction between features of a person’s body and features of the society which he or she lives.” It is an umbrella term covering impairments, activity restrictions and participation restrictions. Even if our updated science has been continuously discovering breakthroughs to cure this illness, its cause has not been yet properly defined.

It’s just proper to explore a little background about how one person can become disabled. A lot of studies have been made and factors were identified to why a lot of children belong to the handicapped. A big part in the development of an infant is its prenatal (before birth) care from the 1st month of pregnancy until the 9th month where in the mother is now ready to give birth. Upon giving birth, factors are again considered in delivering the baby safe. Head, spine and body traumas acquired from the baby’s expulsion can cause a big damaged in the infant’s development after birth; a primary liability of healthcare practitioners. Although the latter spoke about extrinsic factors, initially, our genes play a big role for a child to be predisposed to this malady. These were just a few factors that have a direct impact that adds to what we call fate.

Inspired by a Result Based Driven (Transformed) Government Strategy, Vigan City had started its footsteps towards a life changing odyssey. Vigan City had been qualified as a beneficiary of the Breaking Barriers for Children (BBC) Program, a joint project of the Katipunan ng Maykapansanan sa Pilipinas Inc. (KAMPI) and the Danish Society of Polio and Accident Victims (PTU) through Director Visi Apostol and Mr. Briccio Aguilar. October...

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