Chapter 3

Chapter 3

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Chapter 1. Basics of Cross-Cultural Communication. Main Definitions
The content of the chapter
The chapter focuses on the essence of cross-cultural / intercultural communication, its definition, what it involves. It analyzes dissimilarity between two different cultures into applying intercultural competency as part of an adaptive third culture leading to communication accommodation strategies ultimately and to cross-cultural effectiveness outcomes.

Key words: cross-cultural/intercultural communication, types of communication, macrocultural systems, microcultural systems.

Objectives and tasks of the chapter:
After completing this chapter you should be able to:
1. Define cross-cultural communication.
2. Describe crucial elements within the cross-cultural communication process.
3. Explain a model of cross-cultural communication.
4. Identify the general or major variables involved as two persons or a group from differing cultural backgrounds communicate.
5. Identify cross-cultural communication effectiveness outcomes.
6. Do the quiz which will demonstrate the level of your communication comfort in cross-cultural situations.

Methodical recommendations for studying chapter 1:
While reading the chapter it is important to come to the understanding that cultural differences do exist and to recognize them. Make notes about the most important information. Diagram the model of cross-cultural communication.

The material for chapter 1
Read and make notes of the most important information

The wife of a new foreign service officer in Sierra Leone, a country in West Africa, is just learning to buy in the local marketplaces. She returns from an af¬ternoon of shopping, her feelings hurt, because owners of market booths shouted at her during their bargaining transaction. She considers this behavior insulting. Was there misunderstanding?

An African American third-grade student from an inner-city school lowers his head and casts his eyes downward when his...

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