Chapter 6 ap us noted

Chapter 6 ap us noted
America’s History,
8th Edition, Chapter
6 Review Video
Making War and Republican Governments
1776 – 1789
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The Trials of War, 1776 1778
 War

in the North:

 Britain’s military vastly outnumbered the Patriots
 Some Natives sided with the British

 Victories

at Saratoga:

 The Battle of Saratoga was a turning point
 The Patriots won; France provided aid to the US (financial and military)

 The

Perils of War:

 Women played an important role – created clothing, ran farms
 Some women hoped to gain more rights (Abigail Adams)

 Financial


 State currencies were highly inflated
 Robert Morris (Chief Treasury) secured valuable aid from Holland and

 Valley


 Baron von Steuben – former Prussian military officer, helped train the

American army

The Path to Victory,
1778 - 1783
 The

French Alliance:

 France and US made an unusual alliance (Catholic monarchy)
 Ben Franklin played an important role in the Treaty of Alliance
▪ America and France would ensure the independence of the US

 War

in the South:

 Spain fought against Britain in 1779
 Britain’s Southern Strategy:
▪ The South contributed fewer individuals to war effort – fear of leaving slaves
▪ Philipsburg Proclamation – slaves that rebelled would gain protection and
freedom from Great Britain
▪ 5,000 African Americans (free and slave) fought for Patriot Cause
▪ The Marquis de Lafayette – instrumental in gaining French troops to America
 Guerrilla Warfare in the Carolinas:
▪ Battle of Saratoga (1781) – last major battle of the war, Cornwallis

The Path to Victory, 1778 –
1783 (Cont.)
 The

Patriot Advantage:

 French aid
 “Home-field advantage”
 Leadership – George Washington

 Diplomatic


 Treaty of Paris (1783)
▪ Britain recognized US...

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