Character Analysis Great Gats

Character Analysis Great Gats

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Jay Gatsby: The man who has everything but the only thing he wants the most.
Very Wealthy Gained wealth through organized crime. Eg. Illegal alcohol, etc.
His main motivation for everything he does is love. You could say he is blinded by love. Obsession
Enigmatic His hospitalities in the end were all in vain.
Surrounded by luxury and powerful people. Reinvents himself into something he is not.
He believed in love, the greatest gift of being human. He went to great lengths to acquire that love he desired. He allowed his desire to blind him. He saw it as the means satisfies the ends.
Self invention. He created himself into someone he was not. He even renamed himself Jay Gatsby.
Full of Hope
Determination His obsession with the green light.

Notes: Gatsby hated poverty, and longed for wealth and success. An example of this is when he drops out of college because he could not bear the shame of working as a janitor to pay his tuition. At the time of his death he was everything he ever wanted to be, he created himself in the image he created from early on in his life, to be somewhat the godfather. But at the end he still did not have Daisy’s love.
Relationships with: Nick, Daisy, Tom

Nick Carraway: Privy to the secrets of wild unknown men
Honest Affair with Jordan Baker
Wise He is somewhat influenced by his new surroundings of New York. Throughout the book he begins to adapt to new surroundings.
He holds his tongue, Nick is quite and reflective
Open minded
Good listener, as a result people reveal secrets to him.

He is trustworthy. Does his best to help everyone around him.

Notes: Nick is a well-educated young man from Minnesota. He is trustworthy which make other characters around him tell him their secrets.
Relationships with: Gatsby, Daisy, Jordan Baker

Daisy Buchanan: The elegant tramp
Beautiful and charming. Ability to make men fall for her.
Aristocracy Selfish
Classy Spoiled

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