Character Development

Character Development

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who where when what Character development quotations
1 Marcus, Fiona At Marcus’ and Fiona’s house (at home) In the evening They talk about their family, about the splitting up of Fiona and Marcus’ dad - Marcus is a 12-year-old boy
- good and close mother-son-relationship
- Marcus is interested in his mum’s life
- His mum seems to be the child who needs to be taken care of
p.6, line 22, 24
p.8, line 6-9

2 Will,
Christine 1. at home
2. at John’s
house 1.
Will is reading a glossy magazine and is doing a questionnaire

Will meets John and Christine, they talk about their children and Will’s life - Will hates children
- He likes his well-ordered life (can’t believe why people want to have children)
- He behaves like a child (  doing a questionnaire) p.11, line 65-67 p.12, line 1-2
p.12, line 13-16
3 Marcus,
Marcus’ class 1. at home
2. in school (early) in the morning 1.
Marcus can’t sleep, he’s to nervous, because he has to go to school

Marcus is bullied at school, sings out loud in class - Marcus is too shy, too weird
- He’s different than other kids
- He’s misplaces in school p.14, line 16
p.14, line 19
p.15, line 35-36
p.17, line 43-46
p.17, line 56-57
4 Will,
Angie 1. record shop (Championship Vinyl)
2. a café
3. another meeting point - Will meets a woman who is getting his girlfriend (Angie), Angie has got children  Will lies and says that he likes children
- Angie splits up with Will  Will is happy
- Will develops the idea of being a single-father - Will tries to convince Angie with this understanding of her problems (only a lie)
- Will only wants to be a popular nice guy to get in contact with women p.21, line 66-67
p.22, line 25-26
p.26, line 18
5 Marcus,
Other pupils At home
In school In the morning - Fiona cries all the time and Marcus tries to understand why, but doesn’t get it
- At school Marcus has got two “friends” (Nicky and Mark)....

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