Character Study

Character Study

Parenthood: A Character Study

By Sharon Clark
25 FEB 2013
Counseling 5050

While watching the movie “Parenthood” I took an interest in

two characters. Kevin the 9 year old son of Gil, one of the main

Characters and Helen Gil’s sister. Kevin is the oldest so of Gil

and Karen. He seems to be emotionally disturbed, inquisitive,

afraid of bigger kids and afraid to fight. He cries a lot and he

needs dad time but is unable to get that. Kevin is easily

distracted in school and constantly in need of attention from

his dad who is never around because of his job. Kevin’ s

behavior from the beginning is odd. He is whinny and unlike

many of his friends or peers, is not accepted by them. Kevin is

not managing his development tasks very well. First, he is not

able to establish friendships and is the outcast in the group. He

seems to be slower than the kids his age and he is not matured

enough that he can be more aggressive with this. Kevin has the

need for peer approval. A prime example for this is

demonstrated at his birthday party after he was told cowboy

Dan would not come. Once his dad stepped to fill the gap and

make his friends happy and his birthday party special Kevin

has a different outlook on his relationship with his dad and his

need for acceptance by his friends and his dad are at that

moment fulfilled.

Helen is the second character. She is the sister of Gil and the

single parent of Julie and Gary. Helen is still struggling with the

fact that her ex-husband wants nothing to do with his children

but has a new family and he also refuses to help raise them.

She is dealing with a teenage girl, Julie, who instead of

worrying about SATs, is...

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