characteristics of abusere

characteristics of abusere

Characteristics of Abusers
Christiana Carver
Kaplan University

CJ333: Family and Domestic Violence

Prof: Elise Rego

Because an abuser does not have a specific look, they do not come in a specific nationality or religion, they are not just one shape or size, and they are not just one sex they cannot be noticed by just looking at them. An abuser may be your boss at work, the person who lives next to you or across from you, the person who stands next to you in the grocery store line, they could be rich or poor, they may or may not use drugs and/or alcohol you just never know but one good thing is an abuser does have characteristics to look out for. I will list only a few characteristics and explain how and why it may have an effect on the abuser. The few characteristics I will discuss is only a handful, there are so many more. I do want to express just because a person may have similar characteristics does not mean they are always going to an abuser.

Some characteristics of a person whom chooses to participate in domestic violence and/or intimate partner violence I will be discussing are a person who has a history of abuse, mental illness issues, jealously, and socioeconomic status, and how substance abuse can affect a person on top of these characteristics. When certain characteristics are mixed together it can become a very scary and dangerous situation.
When you hear family for the most part you think of safe place, safety, a place you can go to receive love and be cared for but sadly this is not always the case. Sadly there are many kids that grow up in abusive homes seeing a loved one get abused by another member of the family and the child could be being abused as well. Through my readings I have found the younger the child is that is witnessing the abuse the more it effects their development as well as they are more susceptible they are to being the abuser or accepting the abuse. Witnessing...

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