Characterization: Protagonists and Antagonists

Characterization: Protagonists and Antagonists

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The protagonists of the story are Robert and his father. Both of them love their family and want to give their family a special gift in Christmas. Robert and his father are round and static characters. They are the focus in the story. Robert remains as a caring and obedient kid. Robert’s father was always there for Rob and will always love him and support his family.
The antagonist of the story is Robert’s family financial income. It prevents Robert from giving his family good presents. The protagonist and the antagonist’s traits are revealing when Robert could not afford a good present for his father and have problems with money.

“They were poor…he wished he had a better present for his father.
As usual, he had gone to the ten-cent store and bought a tie.”

“Why should be not give his father a special gift too? Out in the barn?
He could get up early, earlier than 4’o clock, he could creep in the barn and get
everything done.”

Story-Christmas day in the morning

Characterization is the method used by a writer to develop a character. The method includes showing the character's appearance, displaying the character's actions, revealing the character's thought sletting the character speak, and getting the reactions of others.

Characters are the persons presented in works of narrative or drama who convey their personal qualities through dialogue and action by which the reader or audience understands their thoughts, feelings, intentions and motives.

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