Charade in Gaza and the West Bank

Charade in Gaza and the West Bank

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While going over video and hundreds of photographs depicting the Israeli army evict Jewish settlers from Gaza and the West Bank, I suddenly understood the legendary Jewish predilection to exaggerate. Some Jews were actually smiling as they were being dragged from their homes while others cried. Some were laughing in the background. Others, mostly women, put on a melodramatic display of emotion similar to what one might see in a musical. The photographic exploitation of the unenlightened consternation on the faces of adolescents was particularly distasteful.

Comparing these images to international scenes of oppression by various authoritarian and despotic regimes such as China, Russia, or Latin America, complete with armed police tear gas and riot gear, the settler disengagement struck me as a well orchestrated charade that without serious injury went off like clockwork: uncharacteristic of the more unpredictable circumstances one might expect from a "resistance". Some settlers seemed more concerned about participating in the event than being uprooted. To be there for the occasion, so they can fill their lives with meaning and tell their children about the "terrible atrocity" that happened in the summer of 2005.

Of all the Nazi-era films I have scene, I do not recall any where Jews and Nazis hugged each other before we were led away to the gas chambers. Furthermore, the Israeli government is handsomely reimbursing the settlers for their efforts.

It is a damn shame that some Jews would even ‘think' of comparing the disengagement to the Nazi era! I am sure fundamentalist Jews will write books about "The Israeli Betrayal", "Horror In Gaza", "Shoah in the West Bank", etc, while inventing charities and organizations to commemorate "the new Holocaust". This will not be tolerated by American Jews who donate money to Israel. We will no longer be duped by religious fundamentalist propaganda and land...

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