charak puja

charak puja

Charak Puja

Bhawal forest, a forest situated nearly 40 kilometers away from the city

of Dhaka. It is situated along the Dhaka-Mymensingh highway in

Gazipur. This is the home of the Koch tribe made up of endemic people.

It occupies a total area of 20 They also call themselves the

warriors of the sun. Koch is generation of the Dravidian and Mongoloid.

According to the Hindu law in 1954, the Rajbongshi’s converted

themselves into Koch by the influence of Hindu religion. They claim

that they are the descendants of the kings. A festival known as ‘Charak

Puja’ is held every year. The rituals of the festival are performed in

two days. It is celebrated on the last day of the Chaitra month. Young

adult males are hooked from the skin and hung from a huge revolving

structure made of bamboo. A Maktab performs all the rituals

instructing the boys and recites different spells. Among all priests on

two or three are chosen as a belief it will bring good luck. They are

surrounded by a small gathering of people. Few men nearby starts

playing the drum and the Maktab recites along with the beat of the

drums. This prayer takes place from dawn till dusk. The boy is hung to

the air by hooks in their back and then revolved by ropes tied on the
other end and then pulled by other people. 14th April of 2007 is a day

for celebration and get together. But it is not allowed in Bahadurpur

school. The ground is cut into a huge hole. Big bamboos are inserted

into the hole by a lot of people creating the structure. Bananas and

Shankhas are kept in front of it. The Maktab places the skull on a red

cloth and the Shankha is played. People come forward with a black

goat. They tie its neck and circle it around a piece of wood. The goat is

slaughtered and its blood is offered in the puja. Before they start

revolving the boy is marked with vermillion on...

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