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President Nixon quotes in 1968 the following:
“Lets us remember that the main purpose of America Aid is not to help others nation but to help ourselves”

From billboards to television aids, the media will find a way to pressure us into giving to charities. Charities are unavoidable. From your job to all the way to church and back to the grocery store for Cereal they will always ask for a donation towards their choice of charity of the week. Yes in return you give, because it’s a way of becoming involved and a sense of achievement. But ask yourself; do you really know where your 1-dollar is being handed too? In the following you will get to pass your own sense of judgment but be aware of the brutal truth!

D.A.R.E- Drug Abuse Resistance Education
Are here to teach young folks on good decision and to lead their way on becoming drug free.
Dare is Funded by two sources, by Private and Federal. It’s a non-profit organization that only accepts donations..
President: Charlie, Parsons makes a salary of $215,040 yearly and its employees make 6 figure digits as well.
In 2001 they estimated a 1-1.3 billion dollars in annual gross. Which came from the teaching of 5th to 6th graders. They made $173-$268 per student. With that being said according to 2008 studies done by University of Michigan Institute for Social Research that 28% of US students have tried Legal drugs by the end of 8th grade. That number increased to 47% by the end of their high school years!
Ask yours self how many victims have D.A.R.E helped save from criminals charges to suicidal attempts of drug abuse. With all the money that we invest in them and to in return get a sticker in 6th grade. Their to shower themselves with luxury’s living expense doesn’t measure up to me.

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That’s a scam, as well they need your money to support evidence and stay alive.
Could Charities be the band-aid on our...

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