Charles the Great

Charles the Great

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Perfect knight

Charles the great also none as Charlemagne the great ruler. He ruled the Franks. He was the most famous and influential king of the Middle Ages. Charlemagne was loyal to his country. He also never abandon a noble cause such education. These are the following qualities that make the perfect knight.

Charlemagne was born on April 2,742 in Northern Europe. In 768 when Charlemagne was 26when he and his bother Carloman inherited died, and Charlemagne became sole ruler of the kingdom. Charlemagne’s father was Pepin ruler of Gaul today this area in cludes France, the Netherlands and Belgium

Charlemagne loyalty to the country was one many things he was. Charlemagne did not have an easy job after he became king. He began his reign fighting and winning a war against the Lombard kings in northern Italy. He also married Lombard king’s daughter to become king of the Saxony pagan treble in northern Germany. Charlemagne won the war and forced the Saxons to accept Christianity, which united Europe under one religion.

Charlemagne never abandoned a friend, ally or noble cause, such as education. Charlemagne learned read Latin and some Greek but apparently did not master writing. He listened to visiting scholars read from learned works tried to improve his people’s lives. He worked hard to spread education Charlemagne improved life in Europe by setting up and enforcing the feudal system, sending judges to hear local cases, using advanced farming methods, and encouraging education and arts.

In conclusion Charlemagne was like a perfect knight he build many schools and churches. He united Europe under Christianity was very powerful Charlemagne died in 814. Charlemagne was a great king and a perfect knight.

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