Charlie Pickstones Work

Charlie Pickstones Work

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Task1-Know the Role of Marketing in Organisations LO1
P1 Describe how marketing techniques are used to market products/services in two organisations.

Marketing techniques are used to market products/services in two organisations by try out a variety of marketing techniques and then review which the techniques they have tried and see which one is best to help the business promote itself. They will try techniques like
• Promotion is a key factor in marketing brand companies advertise on T.V to remind you that this product exists and is waiting to be grabbed of the shelve by you. For example coca-cola come up with new unique adverts all the time all of the adverts are always successful because it puts coca-cola into peoples heads as a must buy drink and soon as they go out they remember the advert and buy a coke. PS3 advertises there product regularly to attract a wide audience of people who do not own as ps3 and try to persuade them to buy one by showing flashy images of the PS3 describing its features and offering an incentive E.G a new game cool accessories or a huge hard drive capacity this acts a hook to lure customers in.
• Brand Logos is another marketing technique which is a clever way of advertising your company to the general public. One way brand logos are advertised is on peoples clothing. Everyday billions people go to places and socialise with other people in the workplace university college school etc and were all different types of branded clothes are recognized by people everyday. That is why clothes manufactures try to make their logos as large as possible on their clothes so people will notice it even from a distance.

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