Charters schools

Charters schools

Charter School and For -Non Profit School

The author defines Charters school as a better way of education. For this purpose is to inform his readers that Charters School are better than Public Schools.

The author attend audience is parents and government officials he want them to understand that Charters Schools are the best solution for government cause they will be able to save money in federal and states dollars having a nonprofit organization come and educate motivate students to achieve high standards of learning.
Large number of majorities to be successful in academic achievement Page (285)
The author main points Charters schools provide more autonomy for individual students
In addition, teachers. Serve an importance towards educationing their students.
There is no negative environment the environment is much safer for students.
All Charters school has a preparatory curriculum that they followed.
Charters school remodels old building into new bring back people into the neighborhood
Charters are better than publics because of the disciplinary environmental
Every student and parent accountable for his or her children action. My younger son attend Mastery charter for the past six years. Being a parent of a Charter student, the students’ are hold accountable for their actions
The school rules are very strict for example: Absentness is excused form a doctor,
Alternatively, family court note. They are assigned a merit and demerit card in which they have to have with them at all times.
In conclusion When it comes to School financing the nation at a whole is crisis due to the declining in property tax and housing foreclosures when this happen school districts cant purchase textbooks, computers inwhich all school are in need of building repair. With this in mind parents are taking the children out of public schools, opt out of private, and charters schools


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