Chase Executive Summary

Chase Executive Summary

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Executive Summary
Since the financial crisis that began in 2007, banks around the world have been dealing with an extraordinary amount of regulatory issues while navigating the complex business world. However, these new issues have not stopped banks such as JPMorgan Chase from continuing to grow and refine their business practices to continue to serve their clients and their community. JPMorgan Chase has an outstanding franchise, builds their business for the long term, and plans to successfully navigate the new global financial structure to ensure their growth continues. They have a solid strategy for dealing with the uncertainties of the future and a fully engaged board, exceptional management team, and strong corporate culture that will promote their successes and opportunities while also looking out for their challenges and issues.

I. Outstanding Franchise
While competitors dissolved due to the financial crisis, JPMorgan Chase came out as an end game winner in the financial industry. Consistent good management navigated JPMorgan Chase through difficult times, truly showing the power of its franchise. The firm focuses on maintaining its competitive edge in the market while preparing for long term insecurity.
Development of Capital
Improved earnings while simultaneously investing for the long run.
Investments in technology and infrastructure over the past 5 years has greatly expanded the firm’s breadth and volume of services
Successfully adapted to difficult markets, and volatile government regulation standards
Monitored capital supply in order to compensate for unforeseen legal fees due to changing markets
Able to maintain steady return continuously during a costly economy

II. Building for the Long Term

The term, steadfast, is deeply rooted within JPMorgan Chase; as they believe in the importance to adapt, survive, and thrive through cycles—even through the toughest times. During the difficult economic times in 2008 and 2009,...

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