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Network Security is becoming a more and more serious problem around world. Internet has a very close relationship with our lives. Internet exists everywhere, So the security of internet is really important today. 2013 US government began to attack the problem of China's network intrusion. This shows that this is already an international political problem. We are not professional computer technology students. So I just want to talk about my facile understanding, I can’t do too much technical analysis. Because E-commerce is very wildly used today, we use credit cards to buy thing online, we use our smartphone to transfer money. Therefor I want to talk about the network security problem.
I conclude some major problems during payment process.

Information leakage
In e-commerce information leakage mainly for disclosure trade secrets, including two aspects: First, a third party to steal the contents of the transaction; Second, a third party use the information for illegal use.

Information been tampered
In the process of electronic transaction over the network, Information may be unlawfully modified, deleted or repeated use, thus lost information’s authenticity and integrity.

Identification involves two issues in e-commerce: one if not identity, it is possible to fake the identity of the transaction target, one side of a deal, finally ruined trading.

Now I will talk about some protect Measures
Firewall is built on the boundary of the corresponding network communication monitoring system to protect the security of computer networks which is a control technology can be both a software product and can make or embedded into some kind of hardware products. All information on the transmission of information from the Internet or the issue must go through the firewall. Thus it plays a protective firewall such as e-mail file transfer, remote login, secure the role of information exchange between the...

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