Check Point-Final Project Topic

Check Point-Final Project Topic

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I would like to take the time to thank Charlotte Alexander, Mark Jackson, Stacie Matthews, Dave Martinez, and Steve Taylor for giving me the opportunity to present a new service idea to River View Plaza that will increase efficiency of operations and/or keep the current employees happy.

I would like to attract a Recreational Center to occupy one of the suites, to include a daycare/preschool center, a teen center, a weight room, and exercise and dance classes. This Recreational Center will be utilized by all River View Business employees and customers as well as being open to the general public area surrounding the River View Plaza. I chose a Recreational Center because it will be a little something for everyone in your family to enjoy, as well as taking every day pressures off of parents. The daycare/preschool center is for those of us that have little ones that need a safe secure environment to drop our little ones off while we work, shop, or just need a little personal time. The center will offer a preschool for those children that are too big for daycare and not old enough for school. The Teen Center is a place for teens to go after school to hangout or study with friends with several exciting things to do, including: playing educational video games, computer use, or sharing everyday problems with counselors. Parents or children can use the weight room, or take exercise and dance classes offered three times a day. This will offer five different services to be utilized and enjoyed by everyone in your family.   

Angel McDaniel

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