Check your English Vocabulary (HR)

Check your English Vocabulary (HR)



Rawdon Wyatt

книга выложена группой
First edition published 2005
Bloomsbury Publishing Plc
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книга выложена группой

Who is this book for?
This book has been written for anyone working, or planning to work, in human resources
and personnel management, and who wants to develop their vocabulary for this line of
work. The various exercises throughout the book focus on the key vocabulary that you
would expect to understand and use on a day-to-day basis.
The book is also useful for anyone working in other business-related areas (secretarial,
administrative, accountancy, sales, business law, business management, etc) who wants to
broaden their knowledge of business vocabulary.

How should you use the book?
When you use this book, you should not go through the exercises mechanically. It is better
to choose areas that you are unfamiliar with, or areas that you feel are of specific interest
or importance to yourself.
The exercises are accompanied by a full answer key at the back of the book. This key also
gives you lots of other information that might be useful to you, as well as providing other
words (synonyms,...

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