Check Your Perception

Check Your Perception

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Check your perception

Check your perception
Most of my failure sometimes in understanding one another have less to do with is said and what is heard than with what is intended and what is inferred. My skills of perception checking a better way of handling interpretations so I can understand. I intend to accomplish on my behavior, so I can become a better person, and so that I can communicate more.
Words & Behaviors
My words were where are you? With an angry voice, and my behavior I was yelling on the telephone crying very upset. I was very angry and I had an attitude.
First & Second Interpretation
One day when my brother had called me and asked for a ride to the store, I was too busy at the time so I asked my fiancé Brandon if he could take him the store. And he said ok no problem I would take him. My first Interpretation was to call my David’s phone, I didn’t get an answer. So my second Interpretation was to call Brandon’s phone I didn’t get an answer. I did that because they both were gone for 5 hours, and the store was only down the street. Then that’s when I had got worried, and it was a snow storm.
Clarification & Accuracy
Clarification I had called my mother’s house and asked her if she had heard from David and Brandon. She said no. Accuracy 1 hour later David had called me, and said that they had just got to my mother’s house. They both were eating dinner. And I said ok, because I was worried, I didn’t know what had happened. When Brandon had gotten back home I was thinking he was out cheating on me. He said no that he promised he would never do such a thing to me like that.
I have learned that if something like this was to happen again not to get stress. And understand what that I have a good guy in my life. And I also learned not to jump to mistaken conclusion. By thinking that was out cheating on me and to trust him more....

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