Checkpoint 1: Lodging and Properties Week 1

Checkpoint 1: Lodging and Properties Week 1

CheckPoint: Lodging Properties

Axia College University of Phoenix
HTT 250

March 5, 2013

The different types of lodging properties are: hotels, motels, all-suites, limited services hotels, and extended-stay hotels. Hotels range from small, budget hotels, middle range hotels and motels, to luxury hotels (including resorts).
The types vary because people, budgets, and reasons for needs and wants of a hotel vary. For travelers with limited budgets, accommodation price is high priority. These travelers usually want just a place to sleep with minimum amenities (television, phone, pool). They are aware with budget accommodations they get what they pay for. With the graduation of the type of accommodation, the price, amenities, services, etc. graduate also. The surroundings and rooms are better, more services offered (food, valet, room service, etc.). The higher rating of the establishment, the more “pampered” the stay, which comes with a high rate. Luxury accommodations can include personal services as well as better amenities, such as massages, workout rooms and equipment, beauty salons, gift shops, clothing and jewelry shops, and more.
As the text read, previously travel was primarily a necessity for people usually for business or family visits. Today it is much different, reasons are numerous; education, cultural, sports, nature, ecotourism, etc. This has caused the industry to change, moving to the different types to accommodate changing societies. The industry is not like a “one size fits all” type business anymore. It must go along with the trends that change travelling, changes in who travels, where they travel, reasons they travel, and...

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