Checkpoint Taking a Stand

Checkpoint Taking a Stand

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In the comic strip the key issue is that employees are taking money from the company. The one lady is already stealing the money and the other is just learning about the theft. Anita does have suspended judgment. It takes her sometime before she makes a call. I did not see Anita basing her decision on moral value. She never brought it up in the conversation so I would say she was using logic to make her decision. I would say that Anita solve a personal problem because she was unsure at first. She also made the decision to tell someone and to action by calling human resources.

When I was about fourteen years old I was living in these apartments and of course had some friends mostly guys a couple of girls. Well for a while some of the guys would be going to one of the girls house and know body less was allowed to go. I was invited over once. I turned out that the guys were going because the girl would let them feel up on her. I felt that it was not right and I told the guys to stop. I did not suspend judgment I knew it was not right and that was a moral value jug dement call. I decided that I should take action. I told the parents of the guys what was going on and let the parents decide from there. As a result they all talked and worked out the problems.

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