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3rd 6 Weeks CBA Review

1. Which political theory is the belief that man must be willing to give up some of his freedoms to a government so that his rights are protected?
A. divine right theory
B. social contract theory
C. unalienable rights theory
D. natural rights theory

2. Virginia Plan : _______________ ::New Jersey Plan : _____________
A. bicameral legislature…unicameral legislature
B. single legislative body…two legislative bodies
C. equal representation for all states…representation based on population only
D. maintain Articles of Confederation…abolish Articles of Confederation

3. Why did the election of Franklin D. Roosevelt to four terms as president concern many of his critics?
A. His domestic policies from 1932 to 1939 would lead the nation into a deeper depression.
B. He weakened the checks and balances system by expanding executive authority during his extended administration.
C. He wanted to be president for life and had plans to overthrow the Supreme Court and Congress.
D. He desired to move the country towards communism and undermined the free enterprise system of the United States.

4. All of the following are ways interest groups affect public policy EXCEPT—
A. lobbying
B. providing information
C. nominating candidates
D. organizing people

5. How did the media coverage of the Vietnam War impact political change?
A. Newspapers had little coverage of the war, so Congress lost interest.
B. Nightly TV broadcasts of the war's destruction helped bring a quicker end to the war.
C. Radio broadcasts heartily supported the war, encouraging public support.
D. Magazines ran special issues which generated new funding for the military.

6. How does the Federal Reserve influence local economies?
A. It requires banks to provide savings accounts to the community.
B. It makes loans cheaper or more...

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