Chemical Compound

Chemical Compound

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Naming Chemical Compounds

1. Metal:
A. polyatomic --- Metal + Polyatomic
B. non-metal --- Metal + Non-polyatomic—ide

2. Transition Metal :
A. polyatomic --- Transitional metal + Roman# +Polyatomic
B. non-metal --- Transition metal + Roman# b+ Non-metal---ide

3. NH4+:
A. polyatomic ---NH4+ + Polyatomic
B. non-metal --- NH4+ + Non-metal

4. “ONE” Non-metal:
A. non-metal --- Non-metal + Prefix—Non-metal---ide

5. “MORE THAN ONE” Non-metal:
A. non-metal ---Prefix-Non-metal + Prefix---Non-metal---ide


6. Hydrogen:
A. element--- Hydro + Element---ic + acid
B. polyatomic(ite)---Polyatomic---ous + acid
C. polyatomic(ate)---Polyatomic---ic + acid


Title: What factors affect the volume of a drop?
Purpose: Dropping pipets are commonly used in general chemistry experiment. In this experiment, we are going to test two variables, temperature of the liquid and the density of liquid, to determine what will affect the volume of drop.

Hypothesis: In this experiment, we determine the volume of a hot water drop and cold water drop, and the volume of a oil drop and a water drop which has a relatively higher density than oil, in order to see what will affect the volume of a drop. The room temperature, the opening size of the buret, and the volume of the liquid that buret contains will be controlled; we will use distilled water, the same buret in each experiment. Because the cold water has higher density, after we place both cold water drop and hot water drop in room temperature, the cold water drops will have more volume than hot water drop. From the second...

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