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Chemistry 101

Meeting with Dr. Scott for my chemistry class was a pleasure because I was actually lost in her class at first until the meeting. I found out how I could get better grades in her class. I was to sit in the front of her class and read over what will be discussed in class before I get in class to get a better understanding. In case I didn’t it when it I could stop and ask her questions. If I still didn’t understand there will be six SI sessions throughout the week plus her SI session which is on Wednesday.

The things to how she is that she teaches straight from the book. Based on Mastering Chemistry it will come from the book. Reading a section a section one at a time and get it down pack which means practices then move on to the next section. I had to tell her that I don’t have a laptop so I cannot get help in the SI sessions. She replied that if you don’t have a computer then write the problems down and still go to the SI sessions. Another thing she told me that I can make an appointment if the SI sessions are not convenient for me or if I need help.

Future academic plans is not to wait until the last minute to get the hang of the work which because then it is too late and I put all that pressure on myself to learn all the material in one night less than that in hours. A good thing she advised me to do is to read the A Game because it good pointers in the book to be successful in the classroom.

I also gained that coming early before class Dr. Scott will help me with what I do not understand. She showed me that the practices problems in the back of the book if I can practice and do them I will have no trouble trying to do her test or homework. I can also email her and if I am stuck on mastering chemistry and then it’s a link that will connect me to her for her to help me when I am having trouble with a problem.

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