Chew on This

Chew on This

Chew on this

This book is a tell-all book about what really happens behind closed doors, inside the slaughterhouses, meeting rooms, whose marketing team gets inside the little kids who know and love that tasty cheeseburger with the latest Disney movie toys.

Every month about nine out of ten New Zealand children visit a fast-food chain. McDonald’s has become the most popular fast-food chain in the world—and by far the most powerful. 

This book reveals how McDonald’s came about and how it became one of the biggest restaurants in the world, taking on hundreds of countries serving fifty-eight million customers world-wide, McDonald’s has over four-hundred thousand employees which make nine of ten Americans has worked there, with over thirty-two thousand locations, and a whopping $US22.6 Billion revenue world-wide. How did this all happen, from healthy eating to junk food, although McDonalds does now offer healthier options, they still aren’t great, but it is a step in the right direction.

It shows how the ‘Speedee Service System’ was invented and how it revolutionized the fast-food system forever.
It includes a very efficient service system, which follows:

• Walk in.
• Order
• Sit down.
• Eat.

It has been used in other restaurants like KFC, Burger King, Taco Bell, Hungry Jacks; the list goes on and on.

Recent studies have shown the famous Golden Arches ™ logo is more recognized than Jesus Christ, Microsoft, and several other giant companies.

McDonalds has boasted that they have earned up to sixty percent more customers just by introducing the new McCafé. Since fast-food chains have put in playgrounds in the restaurants it has become a kid-friendly restaurant, which has encouraged more-and-more families to go to the restaurants.

This book has some quite disgusting things in it from A-Z, from life in slaughterhouses and how you are pressured to buy the latest-and-greatest gear for the cows and chickens, which you only get fifteen...

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