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Chicago Review

Chicago review

It is hard to distinguish what type of film Chicago is because it features black comedy (a man gets killed for popping chewing gum), drama and dance, but surprisingly it all works. The film is also unique because it shows a problem but does not explore the issue.

Chicago is a film that’s main content is jazz. Set in the 1920's when gangsters were considered glamorous heroes and jazz, alcohol, tobacco and drugs were popular. It starts with a lady named Roxie Hart played by Reneé Zellweger, she is the main character and a murderer. Chicago boasts memorable songs, dance routines and revealing outfits.

The film's content includes many unlawful things happening e.g. lying in court, murder, greed, backstabbing and innocents being hung. The film seems to look like an everyday film until the murder kicks in, by the most unexpected person, a lady who seems to be kind, happy and carefree. She suddenly kills Fred, a man who she has been having an affair with; this makes the film really unique, by using the element of surprise to give it a kick start. Fred promised that he knew someone in the jazz club who would be able to get Roxie onstage singing and dancing, but he didn’t actually know anyone from the club, he was only a furniture salesman. Roxie starts repeatedly asking Fred if he was just joking and would be able to get her onstage, Fred gets frustrated at this and pushes Roxie away from himself aggressively. This makes Roxie start crying "Fred you lied to me, why would you do this?" then pulls a gun out of a draw and shoots him repetitively with it.

Everyone in the film seems to be craving attention, publicity or wealth, apart from one person whose name is Amos (Roxie’s husband played by John C Reily). He is a genuinely honest, kind, and caring man and he even forgives Roxie for sleeping with another man; even though he is honest, kind and caring he is also very dim or desperate believing that Roxie still loves him.

The plot of the film...

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