Chiclets Adams Business Plan

Chiclets Adams Business Plan

Running Head: Marketing Plan

Marketing plan Chiclets Adams

MARK 133

University System Ana G. Mendez

Universidad del Turabo

The Objective of this business plan is to reintroduce CHICLETS ADAMS to the very competitive market of gum. Chiclets is an old-time classic gum brand that has been available for generations and can still be enjoyed today in its original form and flavor. Frank H. Fleer based his product idea on a confection that was popular around the turn of the 20th Century, candy coated almonds. Chiclets Adams introduced Peppermint Chiclets in 1906 and is the original candy coated chewing gum. Over the years, Chiclets Adams has been promoted in many different flavors and colors.

One of the main problems why Chiclets Adams has lost market against its competitors has been the lack of innovation; Chiclets Adams continues to exist in the same form, flavor and nearly the same packaging.


Chiclets Adams is a classic gum brand that has been available for generations and can still be enjoyed today with an innovated products and flavors. Our customers range from 9 to 17 year olds as well as the young adults 17 to 34 years old, female and male.


Our Objective is to revive the product so the new generation can be introduced to them. For the old generations that are already familiar with the product we would to introduce them to a renovated Chiclets Adams, one that has grown and mature with the years, a renovated product that can compete with the huge market of gum that exists today.


Our target customer is all male and female 9 to 17 years of age as well as the young adults 18 to 34 years old, no matter what race or lifestyle.

We would like to position our product at the same level as our competitors, Five, Orbit and Mentos . These competitors are relatively new in the market but with a very strong position within this market. They offer an innovated product at a...

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