chid development

chid development

Study Child

The aim of this study is to observe my chosen study child in all areas of child development, including the Childs’ language skills, cognitive skills, social skills, Emotional development and physical development. I will observe each area of development and examine each observation but give an integrated holistic opinion of the development of the child in my evaluation. I feel it is important to study a child in all areas of development to get a clear overall opinion of the Childs development.

I have chosen this particular child as from being in her company she interests me. She seems a confident and outgoing child, she uses good language and interacts well with her peers. I hope by completing this study case I succeed in painting a good view of the holistic development of all areas in the child and have a good understanding of the developmental norms for the Childs age.

Background Details
The observations took place in the Childs crèche, the study child attends the preschool room from 1.30pm – 4.30pm each day, this is her first year in the crèche but she settles in quickly. The crèche has a baby room, toddler room, ECCE room and preschool room. Up to 20 children attend each room throughout the day. Some of my observations took place in the preschool room, others were taken in the outside playground area of the crèche, where there are bikes, scooters, slides, prams and dolls to play with. The observations were taken throughout the month of September; we were lucky to have a spell of good weather so when the sun was out we were out.
TC is a 3-year-old girl, she is fit and healthy and has a great personality she has an older brother and younger sister, who do not attend the crèche. TC has very good interaction skills with her peers. She enjoys playing house and spends good time in the art area. When TC is outside playing she loves cycling bikes. TC gets bored very easily and jumps from one activity to another within...

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