Child Abuse

Child Abuse


Ashford University

December 3, 2012
Corletta Thomas

Children can bring joy to the lives of the people they interact with. As adults we can sometimes learn from these little bundles of joy. Children are born different sizes, shapes, colors, and often with different disabilities. Sometimes these disabilities happen at conception, during pregnancy, and during birth. There are many factors that can contribute to these disabilities like environmental influences, drugs, alcoholism, prenatal care, difficult pregnancy or labor, smoking, and genetics just to name a few. With all these differences being present, all children still deserve to be treated equally. Laws and rules have been set in place to ensure that no child be discriminated against due to any type of disability whether it be physical, emotional, or a mental disability. Autism is a disability that may cause delay of many developmental skills such as, communication, socialization, imagination, and educational performance.
I will discuss five common characteristics of autism. The first characteristic I will discuss will be difficulty communicating with others. No two children with autism are the same; one may speak a little, while another will not speak at all. Children with autism may have odd speech patterns, they often mimic what you say over and over. Even though the child may mimic you doesn’t mean they understand what you are saying. Children with autism also have difficultly paying attention so initiating and engaging in a conversation will be difficult. A lot of times words only have one meaning to a child with autism and facial and body language has almost no meaning to a child with autism.
Another characteristic of autism is difficulty socializing with others. One reason socializing with others can be difficult is because of the problems communicating. Everyone normally...

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