Child development

Child development

"Race to Nowhere" Reflection
In the video, "Race to Nowhere" first-time filmmaker and mother, Vicki Abeles exposes the
negative effects on today's youth caused by pressure from school and their parents. After the
suicide of a 13 year old girl in Vicki's community she began to realize that her own children were
suffering mentally and physically due to the work load at school and the demand to do more. She
was determined to do something so she began asking questions to find out what was going on.
After listening to people's stories she decided to create this eye-opening documentary in hopes of
creating change and giving these kids a voice.

Vicki interviewed children of all ages and their answers were heartbreaking. They expressed
the pressure they feel from both parents and schools to have better grades, better test scores, more
community service, & while maintaining their image. These kids are overloaded with homework,
extra curricular activities, & expectations causing them to miss out on childhood. The stress from
these demands are causing many health issues, examples being eating disorders, high blood
pressure, depression, anxiety, and drug use. Many high school students are using prescription
stimulants to keep up with their classes and busy schedules a

Parents are suffering from the pressures that society has for children as well. They are
expected to have children who get perfect grades and do well in every aspect of life. Due to the
demand from schools & test score driven educators, parents feel like prison guards and in turn,
guilt from the constant questioning of grades and homework assignments.


Expectations and demands from society are too high and in many cases unachievable. Due
to the pressure put on children to perform well on tests and look good on a college application,
childhood and all its memories are being missed. Parents shouldn't need to argue or worry about
their child's mental and physical well being...

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