Child Obesity in Canada

Child Obesity in Canada

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Combat Against Child Obesity

Child obesity has increased dangerously in Canada. “In children aged six to 11 years [child obesity] has increased 50 per cent in the past 15 years, and 40 per cent in those aged 12-17 years.”(“School’s in for” D7). Families who live more difficult lives or who have a member that is obese tend to be a common target for child obesity. “The problem is magnified among poorer families, who may have difficulty providing healthy food choices and physical activity opportunities for their children” (“childhood Obesity” 2007). In order to fight against child obesity, the Canadian government should contribute financial assistance, enhance parental education, and monitor the social environment.

Fat people will be offered cash incentives to lose weight and participate in regular exercise under a radical government strategy announced this week to tackle Britain's obesity epidemic. Employers will be encouraged to set up competitions with money, vouchers and other rewards for people who give up junk food in favour of healthy eating and living. Those losing the most weight would earn the biggest prizes. The government believes that by giving people incentives to do something about their weight now, it will help avoid future larger costs associated with treating cancer, heart disease and diabetes caused by obesity. British medical insurance companies already offer discounts to people who go to the gym regularly. Experts say most of the U.K. population will be obese by 2050 unless urgent action is taken, and the associated rise in ill health would cost the National Health Service Pounds 50-billion a year. At present, 30% of U.K. children are obese or overweight.

The economic costs are also significant. Direct and indirect costs associated with obesity have been estimated at $4.3 billion in 2001(“Childhood Obesity” 2007)

We know that weight gain results from a chronic energy imbalance, but many factors, including...

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