Child Observation and Background Information

Child Observation and Background Information

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Ilana Goldstein

Date of Birth: November 11, 2003
Chronological Age: 3 years old

Part I. Background Information

Mikhail was born a healthy child, and remained so through his pre-, peri-, and post-natal periods. He experienced no complications or any irregular conditions to mention. Overall, his mother experienced a fairly normal and “easy” pregnancy. She felt as though she was more “mentally prepared” for this pregnancy, knowing what to expect from her previous experience. Overall, her medical history during pregnancy was a healthy experience. She did not take any medications throughout her pregnancy, as she is a doctor, and felt that taking any sort of drug that is not necessary is unacceptable to put your baby at risk. She opted to stay off all or any kind of medication during her pregnancy.
Mikhail was born at 8 pounds and 10 ounces, and right around his expected due date. He was born naturally, and very healthy. His medical and feeding histories indicate that he has no allergies, no hospitalization, no medications, no high fevers, and no earaches. His temperament during infancy indicated that Mikhail was a very friendly, happy and calm child. He had regular sleeping and eating habits, and was easily able to adapt to his surroundings. Sometimes he would become upset when he was tired, but posed more as an indication rather than a problem. He was rather comfortable with strangers, although did experience slight separation anxiety when left with his mother’s helper alone for extended periods of time. His sensory preferences in infancy, toddler hood, and currently were all normal. He was responsive when expected, and did not show any sensitivities to anything that would have indicated a problem.
A typical day for Mikhail includes waking up around 7:00am and getting ready on his own. He can brush his own teeth, and takes a bath with his sister. He chooses what he wants for breakfast, and eats all on his own. During the...

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