Child Protection in Law and Legislation

Child Protection in Law and Legislation


You will be marked holistically, not on each individual section. Marks will not be awarded for the number of hits that you have. Marks will be awarded for the process, including the reasons for the research mediums and search terms you chose, as well as any truncations and wildcards. You will also be awarded marks for identifying good practice and what you might do differently in future.

Name: Gemma Sullivan

ID Number: 08008351

Date: 26.11.08


Recently there has been much debate surrounding the area of child protection, which has been heightened by the recent tragic story and case of Baby P. As a result of this I have found it appropriate to conduct a search into recent changes that have been made to child protection law by the United Kingdom over the last few years, and particularly whether child protection law has been tightened as a result of child abuse or neglect. I also find this area of Law very interesting as I have become very interested in the recent case of Baby P and would like to find out for myself where the Law has been improved or amended with Child Protection and certainly also where it can in future be amended.


In order to conduct the research into the area of Child Protection it is necessary to decide on three search terms. The area deals primarily on Child Protection, and therefore both of these words will be used. However a single word search will also be conducted with the words Child and Protection separately to achieve a broader search result. As the area of Child Protection focuses specifically on the United Kingdom, it is also regarded to have a third search term which would be United Kingdom policy.

A range of research mediums will be used. The library catalogue at Liverpool Hope University will be searched first as the sources are easily accessible. The legal database of LexisNexis will then be searched, and following this, the Westlaw gateway. This will...

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