Child Trafficking in Southeast Asia

Child Trafficking in Southeast Asia

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Tiffany Campbell

Child Trafficking in Southeast Asia
Every Year an estimated 1.2milloin children are being trafficked right now as I type this paper, that’s two children per minute all around the world. While I’m in school just in one class about 108 children are being trafficked for sexual exploitation and other means of trafficking. The higher percentages of these children all come from the same region, Southeast Asia. The trafficking of these children in Southeast Asia is wrong but not only is it wrong it deprives them of their natural born human rights.

People who live in southeast Asia are very poor they struggle day by day to survive anyway they can. Their children don’t have the luxury of attending school they don’t have nice houses and cars they barely have real jobs. These people starve everyday but for some they have found a way of life. They have found a way to survive and make money off of the exploitation of children. These people are called Traffickers and they traffic children all throughout Southeast Asia.

In their countries there is a lack of employment and their population is increasing so with the insufficient penalties against traffickers they can easily get away with what they are doing and keep on doing it. If they get caught they usually walk away or they barely get jail time. This has been going on for so long these children are in high demand

especially young girls for their virtue, grown men believe young virgins will cure them of disease. There are so many different causes and reasons for why this industry is so big it’s absolutely ridiculous.

These children suffer so much they are deprived of their childhood; they have no friends or family. Theses children can’t got to school they have to be adults very early in their life. The effects are outrageous these kids breathe in all kinds of possibly deadly dust and fibers from working in factories. They catch HIV/AIDS from being sexually exploited. They sometimes...

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