Child birth

In a lifetime many women have had an experience in child birth whether it is natural or by

cesarean section. Some say it’s a pleasure; some say it was a like a horror story. I went through the

experience twice and I will never understand how some women can go through it several times.

On March 26, 2013 I went to my doctor appointment for a checkup only to find out

that my little bundle of joy would enter the world that day. The doctor said my daughter was transverse

and that I could not have a natural birth. Only option left was to have a caesarean section. He led me to the

maternity ward to get ready for the procedure later that day. Soon nurses came in and ordered me to

put on a gown and then they started hooking up monitors to listen to my daughters heartbeat. As well

as starting an intravenous pump in my arm to receive fluids and medicines through surgery and


Later that afternoon I was wheeled on a bed into the cold surgery room to have it done. My heart

was racing and I started to panic as I saw all the nurses dressed in scrubs with white protective clothing

over them and tools that were to be used during the surgery. I wanted out of there but I knew I couldn’t

turn back because this was the only option I had to have my baby delivered. Anesthesiologist came in

and told me that I had to have a spinal block which would numb me from waist down. A nurse held my

shoulders as I arched my upper body over a pillow so that he could put a needle that seemed to be long

as a yard stick in my...

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