In this assignment the author is going to research Foetal Alcohol Syndrome and device and Individual Education Plan around the case study.
The author is going to focus on Foetal Alcohol Syndrome, outline the importance of early intervention, device an IEP and explain the role of the SNA/childcare worker.
The following methods of research will be used : primary research is the attached case study and secondary research is websites and books available.

Foetal Alcohol Syndrome

Foetal Alcohol Syndrome is a lifelong condition that causes physical and mental disabilities. It is caused by a woman’s use of alcohol while pregnant. It is however totally preventable. When alcohol is drunk while pregnant, it enters the bloodstream and is carried to the growing foetus via the placenta. Alcohol interferes with the delivery of oxygen and nutrition to the growing babies developing organs including the brain. The more alcohol drunk the greater the risk. The exact amount of alcohol that causes the condition is unknown, although binge drinking is known to be the most harmful. The condition is rare and usually only occurs if there is a persistent use of alcohol.

Symptoms can vary from child to child, with some experiencing both physical and mental, while others may only have a few symptoms. Signs of foetal alcohol syndrome may include some of the following ;
Poor growth of baby in the womb and after birth
Low muscle tone and poor co-ordination
Delayed mental development, mental disability or brain malformation
Heart defects
Facial problems including, narrow/small eyes small head
small upper jaw
smooth groove in upper lip
thin upper lip
Behavioural problems such as ADD (attention deficit disorder)
Cleft palate
Joint abnormalities
Prognosis is different for each child as each child varies in their condition, but they do not have normal brain development. Children with foetal...

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