Children Are a Blessing and a Curse

Children Are a Blessing and a Curse

Children are a blessing and a curse

You’re eating more your husband or boyfriend seems to be getting sick a lot lately but you can’t take care of him because you’re so moody and tired. Your best friend tells you to go to the doctor so you take her advice and go and guess what you find out there ma’m you’re four weeks pregnant. You’re excited but yet worried. Trust me I know the feeling I’ve been down that road before, actually just recently. I’m here to inform you on some of the ups and downs of having children. Watching them grow, teaching them, and especially loving them and rewarding them. The expenses, the need for more hours in a day, and those hard to answer questions.
I. Growing up so quickly
* One day they’re crying, pooping, and eating all the time and the next they’re up walking, whining, pooping and eating all the time.
* They are growing into that doctor, lawyer, singer, or school teacher you have dreamed of them to become.
* The finger painting you pass by on your way to work that he made you for mother’s day when he was four.

II. Teaching them
* Their ABC’s and 123’s
* The necessities of everyday life such as cooking, cleaning, talking, walking…Etc.
* The fun stuff such as how to ride a bike, play football, tie their shoes, or drive a car…
* Right from wrong

III. Being able to give love and reward them when they’ve done good
* To be able to see them smile and the excitement on their face when they know they’ve done a good job.
* To see them constantly repeat what you have taught them because they know good comes of it.
* To hear them tell you they love you more when you whisper those special words to them as you tuck them in at night.

IV. Expenses
* Statistics have proven that the average cost of raising a child from birth to the age of eighteen is $160,140 for a middle class family and that s just one child for those who have more just imagine.

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