Children Profiling

Children Profiling

Rhodan 1

Sheena Rhodan

Professor Obozian

English 101

20 October 2008

Children Profiling

Dear Parents and Guardians: The School District of Philadelphia has a PTA meeting concerning the violence that been going on in the Philadelphia school system, as parents had to do something. There has been a lot of bullying going on, to the point that our children don’t feel safe in school. We need to stop this violence and find a resolution to help our children. The future starts with our children. We have to give them the best. As parents we need to make the schools safe again by mentoring and helping the troubled children so they can be better people in the future; I strongly believe that children with problems can be helped.

Most troubled children are not troubled at all; some children act this way to get attention.

“Many children in the United States are exposed to so much violence that the problem has been characterized as a public health epidemic” ( Violence around their neighborhoods plays a big part in the way they act. A child that lives in a bad environment with nothing but violence can become violent. Children are easily influenced; they want to do everything they see. If a young man sees a drug dealer around the neighborhoods that is what he wants to be because the young see how people react to the drug dealer. The young man wants that same reaction from people. He thinks it’s cool because that what going on in his neighborhood. “The transient age-related demographic changes, children violence exposure has declined slightly since the early 1990” (

Rhodan 2

A recent study conducted in the United States has shown that for every five micrograms increase in blood lead at the age 6, there was almost 50% increase in the risk of being arrested for violent crime as a young adult. According to the Home Office reports, 85% of juvenile criminals were bullies at school. However, that does not mean that 85% of...

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