Pan Troglodytes Vs. The Human

Don’t judge a book by its cover, that phrase has been used for generations. There is no better example to this phrase than the first look at the comparison between a chimpanzee and a human. Humans have evolved into the most intelligent species around, but if you take away all of our technology and look at the basic of a human you will find eerily similar results in the chimpanzee. “Chimpanzees are smart, social, sexual, and political animals. They fight, reconcile, make and use tools, hunt, make war, and sometimes practice infanticide and even cannibalism.” (Falk 2000) Take for instance how each communicates. How tool use has made both species adapt to the ever-changing society we live in. Also that family is number one and grooming, nurturing, and teaching are all the major keys to a successful offspring.
The first sight of rain what do you think of? An umbrella obviously, well so doesn’t a chimpanzee. Impressively chimpanzees actually make a handheld umbrella out of branches with leaves intertwined. If you study any other animal you will see them head for cover. Leaving only chimpanzees and humans the lone species that actually make a tool to shelter them from rain. Although if you look at the two umbrellas, protection wise they do not compare. The fact that chimpanzees have such an acute amount of resources to work with, the chimpanzee umbrella is far more intelligent.
When you take a look at the nuclear human family. The father is usually the one working all the time, fixing things, and always giving you a safe feeling when he’s

Greg O’Sullivan
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around. If you look at the alpha male of any Pan Troglodytes group you will see many similarities. The alpha male hunts and gathers food; he’s the protector, and the most
dominant figure in the hierarchy. Hunting also holds a social importance, and where chimps live shows where they prefer to hunt. “Chimpanzees are more likely to hunt in areas...

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