China's Wine Market

China's Wine Market

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1.1The Asia wine market analysis
1.1.1 The Asia economic background
Asia will continue to be the world's most vibrant economically regions, but because of U.S and other countries ®ion’s economic growth slow, and the maturity economic development model, in this year,Asia economic growth rate will slow down, and the import demand of Asia will weaken. Asian Development Bank Expected that except Japan and China, Asia’s economic growth rate will slow to 6.3 percent. [1]

1.1.2 Asia wine market SWOT Analysis
Strengths—Huge background, High-quality products, K/A (Key Account)Customer communication system, Mystery of France.
Weaknesses--The confusion wine market, how to make our brand become a well-known brands, how to open the sale channel
Opportunities--Huge market demand, purchasing power &private consumption growth, Traditional viniculture present, the right distribution partners, the good advertising partners
Threats--Aggressive producers, Domestic product, Consumer acceptance

1.2 China wine market general introduction
As we all know, Asia market now is a new develop market, it is still confusion (the wine law, the regulation).So, we choice the focus market in Asia--China to enter, this will reduce the trouble of our market development. We should be aware that the Asian market, 95% wine consumption is face to the civilian population, only 5% high-end products sells to truly rich wine collector. Of course, with the further development of Asian economies, which 5% people will continue to expand.
For the past few years, the maximum annual production of Chinese wine was about 30 million tons; it was less than 2% of beer output and 6% of Chinese liquor production, also it was only 1% of the world wine production, and the consumption per head was equivalent to France, Italy, Spain and other developed countries by 0.5%. China’s demand for wine will be reaching 600,000 tons by 2010, thus, the wine industry in China has a tremendous growth space and good...

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