China Rise

China Rise

It was asked to me, will China be the next country to challenge the United States on the
world stage? My response was strong and firm, no country will ever challenge the

United States, it doesn’t matter what the arena is. Well that question is on more than just a few

minds. That same question has been asked from college professors, military officials,

government officials, and other countries throughout the world. This question has become

relevant due to that fact of China’s economic rise, the emergence of their military programs, and

their influence of the international community. Before anyone can answer that question we must

understand the relationship between the United States and the Chinese government.

History between the US and China

The United States and China has been involved with one another for many years dating back

to1784,(Latourette, 2007). In that year China and the United States started trade between the two

countries and that alliance is strong to this day. The United States has always been there to aid

and support the Chinese government and it was due to the fact that the United States saw China

the center for trading in the east. As the United States and China’s relation grew so did the

immigration of Chinese into the United States. In 1882 Congress passed the Chinese Exclusion

Act, which was the United States barring the immigration of Chinese to the United States. This

action by the United States against China was the only time immigration laws were designated

for a single race of people.

In a more recent history of events between the United States and China was the Vietnam

War. The United States was allied with South Vietnam forces while the North Vietnam forces

were backed by China and the Soviet Union. Even though this war was to stop the spread of

communism it became unpopular very quickly in the United States and rightfully so. At the end

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